Nissan 240SX S13

lately we’ve been cooking rice in a pot and it feels like a more pure experience. think of it as driving an NA miata versus an NC miata, or an R32 GTR versus an R35 GTR. when cooking rice in a pot, on the stove, you can modulate how it cooks and make adjustments as required, the end result is all your doing. if you compare this to cooking rice in a rice cooker, it is much more disconnected; you put rice in the cooker, some water in let it cook and then come back in a bit to find it all done for you.
this is the perfect parallel to automotive culture today, if one is a true automotive enthusiast, they would not be buying parts off a catalog and calling that “built.” there’s nothing wrong with catalog cars, but it isn’t unique, it isn’t showing their personality, it isn’t “theirs.”